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Friday, January 14, 2005

gates and communists

Bill Gates recently had an interview with CNET that all ipod hipsters responded by shouting "he's calling us communists! bahahaha!" here's Gizmodo's interview with him after that. I love his metaphor of speedbumps for DRM and this is exactly what I think DRM is about.

There will always be new ways and techniques for copying music illegally but hopefully purchasing music will be so much more convenient than it is now that people will prefer to go the respectful way. For now however, I see there are no fines for ipod users driving over the speed limit.

Here's the interview:


"Well, ignore DRM for a second. Should an artist that creates a great song be paid for that song? That's where you have to start. You don't start with DRM. DRM is just like a speed bump that reminds you whether you're staying within the scope of rights that you have or you don't. So you don't start with DRM. That's like saying, 'Do you believe in speed bumps?' You have to say, 'Should people drive at 80mph in parking lots?' If you think they should, then of course you don't like speed bumps."


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